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Painted in "oil on board", from a photo I captured on a gorgeouse night in L.A. on a dried-up lake bed with the moon piercing the clouds and the wind playing with the balloons like a child at a birthday party.  


The Balloon performance was fun all the way through the process, from chainline ing the actuall balloons together all the way to extraccting the painting from the perfect photograph. Viewing the painting almost creates a feeling of floating, a sense created by the neck position this image tricks you into thinking but not to make you feel liek youll fall on your back, more of a floating sensation like a ballooon. You can almost hear the subtle noises of the wind batting at the red balloons.

Moon-Balloon Chain

SKU: 0001
  • This Painting comes with a custome frame to match the painting itself and is easy to change with a frame of your choice. This is the original Painting, NOT A PRINT. 

    Do not wipe the painted surface and definatly no chemicals. Dusting is the best way to keep your paintings from loosing their shine. When I painted this, I used linseed oil and terps to mix with my oil paints to controle which areas recieve a satin finish and which ares are left flat, creating depth and edges of the brush strokes to catch a little more of the light, which puts you standing right there on htat dried lake bed with me, watching the balloons dance over head. Your painting will be shipped in a protective paper wrapping and fit with a box to keep it safe on its way to you. I hope you engoy your painting as much as I did in creaeting it. 

  • Please Email us [ ] for handling returns. Due to the fragility of our products, each product is uniquely handled therefor requires specail actions to ensure the property is handled. 


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