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Live Model Drawing at the beachKraft
Every Friday, 6-8pm   (Nude sessions second Friday of the month)

Live Model Drawing – Fall / Early Winter 2023

Hello live drawing enthusiasts. We have been having some fantastic sessions here at our studio and hope to continue that trend. Fall and early winter brings a chill to the air, but also fun holidays and activities. Join us every Friday night from 6-8PM to get out of the cold, enjoy good company and drawing practice.

Our roster for October - December follows:

October 6:
John Wesley, CLOTHED session.
@jwesleymodel on Instagram.


John returns to our studio for another clothed session. Last time we had straw hat and skateboard props. We look forward to what John will bring for us this time.
Check his Instagram page for photos and artwork from his work at many local venues.


October 13:
Kennitta joins our studio for a NUDE session.

This will be Kennitta's first visit to the studio. We are happy to host and get to know this experienced model.

October 20: Charles

We are so excited to see Charles here at the studio again. He has been our model for undraped sessions a few times last year and we are looking forward to see what he brings for a clothed or costumed session!

October 27:

Tom T.

@modeltsquared on Instagram.

Halloween Special! Tom is in the Halloween spirit and will come in full Superman costume for this session. Don't miss this heroic evening to get you ready for trick-or-treat!

Bonus: Tom will be meeting us on his motorcycle on Sunday, October 29th at Elder Pine Brewery for a long 1-6PM session. This one is just for us to enjoy the day painting, so stop by the brewery if you'd like to join us for a sip or sketch, no sign up or ticket fee, just a fun time at one of our favorite local spots.

November 3:


We are happy to welcome Chris back to our studio. Chris will join us for a costumed session and will keep the Halloween energy going with vampire themed attire.

November 10:

Charles will be back with us for a nude session. Charles is experienced and always has good dynamic poses, so if you are filling that life drawing section of your portfolio, don't miss it.

November 17: “Santa” Schreurs

@marathonsanta on Facebook


Olney's own “Marathon Santa” will be with us as November gets chillier as “The Monk”.“Santa” always brings plenty of props and his distinguished face to the studio. He will be wearing a monk's robe - handmade at the studio from 100% up-cycled fabrics for this session. We tend to do longer poses with this model as he puts a lot into costuming and has a great face for those who want practice doing portrait as well as full-body drawings.

November 24: Mallina


Mallina (and probably service-pup, Tribe) will be back with us for a fall themed, costumed session.

December 1:
“Santa” Schreurs

@marathonsanta on Facebook

Santa will start off December with a winter holiday or Santa themed costume.

December 8:
@indigoafterall on Instagram.

Sarah will be back with us for a nude session. We enjoyed Sarah's costumed session in September so we are excited to have her in the studio for an undraped session in December.

See photos, drawings from Sarah's modeling work, and a very fluffy cat on her Instagram page.

December 15: Mallina


We welcome another visit from Mallina and Tribe for a costumed session. (costume TBA)

December 22:
“Santa” Schreurs

@marathonsanta on Facebook

Santa will be in the studio modeling as Santa! Be nice and not naughty by joining us for this holiday themed session.

December 29:

@moebracy on Instagram

We welcome Moe back for another costumed session to wrap up 2023!

Check out Moe's work as a model, consultant, personal trainer and more on his Instagram page

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