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Beth Stinson


Beth MacNeil Stinson works in mixed media combining ink, pencil, charcoal, and watercolors on paper. Her small intricate drawings are composed of organic plant shapes, textures, and patterns. Beth’s drawings evoke personal impressions that may tell a story, capture a moment, or conjure a feeling. Beth started “making things,” her mom called it, as a child–elaborate Valentine’s Day cards, embroidered felt, and collages. When she was a teenager, she traded babysitting services for art lessons with local artists, learning how to draw and watercolor. Beth earned Bachelor’s and Master of Arts degrees in printmaking and photography from the State University of New York at Albany. For over a decade, Beth ran darkrooms and audio-visual services for seven colleges and universities, where she discovered a knack for teaching. As an adjunct professor, she taught the History of Photography, Darkroom Techniques for Black and White Photography, and Hand Coloring Photographs. Through the 1980s, her prints were accepted into juried art shows in New York, Connecticut, California, and New Mexico. In 1990, she had a one-person show featuring her hand-colored photographs at the Craft Center Gallery, University of California Davis.

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